We have all heard of the school zone, and the end zone… but when it comes to protecting your children from potential predators that may be lurking around the areas where kids play and recreate, the Peace of Mind Group has developed an engaging and responsive opportunity to create the most safe and secure environments for all stakeholders.

Introducing SafeZone™

SafeZone™ is an online portal designed to provide vital and necessary information and instruction, to develop and maintain the most safe and secure environments humanly known and humanly possible.  SafeZone™ builds upon a parent’s, chaperone’s, or coach’s natural skills and abilities of awareness and intuition, to promote and facilitate the most effective systems for preventing a potential predator abduction or attack.

The SafeZone™ system is FAST and EASY, and can be completed from any computer or smart device with an Internet connection.

Once the course has been completed, the SafeZone™ system sends electronic notification to the school, club, or organization, for the purposes of record keeping and vicarious liability reduction.

Annual updates are carefully crafted to make sure that the most current and real-time information is being provided.

In an ideal world, homes, schools and playgrounds would be free from casualty and crime. Unfortunately, we know that to be far from the truth, and that the places our children live, learn, and play will never be immune from the elements of ill intent, or free from the individuals that plan to commit crimes against them.

To that end, the Peace of Mind Group fully understands that we will not be able to prevent each and every incident or attack; however, through constant and consistent planning and preparation, we can competently create a more safe, secure, and orderly environment that is less conducive for failure and much more conducive to the safety of our children – Peace of Mind Group CEO, RJ Boatman

Enroll in the SafeZone™ system today! – Coming Soon