In an ideal world, homes, schools and businesses would be free from casualty and crime. Unfortunately, we know that to be far from the truth, and that the places we live, learn and work will never be immune from the elements of ill intent, or the individuals that plan to commit crimes against persons or property.

To that end, the Peace of Mind Group fully understands, that we will not be able to prevent each and every incident or attack; however, through constant and consistent planning and preparation, we can competently create a more safe, secure, and orderly environment that is less conducive for failure and much more conducive for success.

It is said that knowledge is power… A quick and effective background check or criminal history screening, may be the simple effort that protects your property, and/or saves your life – RJ Boatman, CEO Peace of Mind Group

Real-Time Background Check / Sex Offender Check for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

While screening personnel and staff has become standard practice, screening clients that you may spend isolated, and one-on-one time with is quickly becoming a recognized necessity. Failing to do so puts agents and staff at risk, and leaves real estate offices open to enormous liability.

The SafeScan™ System dissuades, minimizes, and potentially eliminates the opportunity for violence or other criminal activity to infiltrate your day-to-day operations, by providing unparalleled access to proprietary databases that contain real-time and accurate information available only to industry professionals.

The SafeScan™ System puts the power of immediate and actualized knowledge into the hands of each and every stakeholder, therefore reducing any and all vicarious liability to the agency or brokerage. Brokers and Agents can run unlimited checks from any computer or smart device that has an internet connection, receive a quick, accurate, and qualified response sent directly to email or text, and have the priceless advantage of life-saving knowledge for a cost that equates to a mere fraction of the associated capital gain.

The SafeScan™ System is FAST, EASY, and AFFORDABLE!

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