In an ideal world, homes, schools and businesses would be free from casualty and crime. Unfortunately, we know that to be far from the truth, and that the places we live, learn and work will never be immune from the elements of ill intent, and the individuals that plan to commit crimes against persons or property.

To that end, the Peace of Mind Group fully understands, that we will not be able to prevent each and every incident or attack; however, through constant and consistent planning and preparation, we can competently create a more safe, secure and orderly environment that is less conducive for failure and much more conducive for success.

– RJ Boatman

Biography of Experience

RJ Boatman, has over 30 years experience in the sustainable implementation of safe, secure and orderly environments. He has provided law enforcement, safety and security, crisis management, risk management, executive protection, and regulatory compliance training and services to over 1400 corporate and governmental organizations, local and abroad. His career and leadership span over three decades at the municipal, county, state and national level. He has worked as a Chief of Police, Organized Crime Bureau Commander, Federal Task Force Director, Emergency Management Coordinator, State Education Director, Adjunct University Professor, Investigative Consultant and Municipal Judge. He is a graduate of the Department of State Diplomatic Security Services Academy and has taught various courses at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Drug Enforcement Administration, regional training facilities.

Mr. Boatman received the 1995 United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s Regional Award for Outstanding Service in the Field of Drug Law Enforcement. Mr. Boatman developed and directed an 18-month project in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Inspector General that tracked and arrested 52 federal fugitives, weapons and narcotics traffickers hiding and illegally residing in section 8 housing projects in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Mr. Boatman is a certified expert for courtroom testimony; specializing in law enforcement policy, procedures and ethics, use of force law, and crimes against children. He has provided chief law enforcement officer recruitment services and departmental policy and procedure review for small to midsize agencies throughout the state of Texas. He is the Co-developer and former Operations Director of the nation’s first Center for Safe and Secure Schools at the Harris County Department of Education and the former Executive Director of the Texas Safe Schools Alliance.

Mr. Boatman is a Board Certified Expert in Child Traumatic Stress, and a recipient of the Texas Governor’s Award for Meritorious Service in the Work to Prevent Stalked and Abducted Children. He is the author of multiple respected publications focusing on situational crisis management and response, and has been featured as a resident expert in critical incident prevention and survival on ABC, NBC and CBS. He is an established authority on organized criminal activity and co-hosted a two-year documentary on FOX Network’s City Under Siege.

Mr. Boatman is a nationally recognized keynote speaker on developing and maintaining safe and orderly environments.

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