Security Consulting – Public & Private School Systems

The POM Group provides school boards, superintendents, campus administrative teams and other district stakeholders with qualified assessments of existing safety and security measures and recommendations for building upon those practices to promote systemic solutions for reducing crime, violence and other potential risks and liabilities. The POM Group provides emergency management plan development and review; crisis intervention, prevention and recovery training; and consultation for developing district-wide safety and security programs to improve campus-wide culture and climate.

The Texas Education Code §37.108 states: “At least once every three years, each school district shall conduct a safety and security audit of the district’s facilities. The POM Group facilitates the required audits, and encourages districts and campuses to integrate ongoing safety and security assessments into everyday activities.

In response to the ever increasing issue of violent crimes committed on school campuses the POM Group provides:

School Based Travel Security

The POM Group provides school-based travel and overnight security services, to include groups, clubs and sports teams. Our team of highly trained professionals have over thirty years experience in protecting public and private school systems, and our CEO is the former Executive Director of the Texas Safe Schools Alliance, a cooperative effort of the Texas Education Service Center’s and the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University. The POM Group will develop and manage a well organized travel plan for your group, club or team, designed to minimize, dissuade and potentially eliminate risks and liabilities, while ensuring a safe and orderly environment for all stakeholders.

Workshops,Trainings and Keynote Presentations

Highlights of Our Executive Team’s Experience in Education

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Security Consulting – Corporate

The POM Group provides risk and vulnerability assessments, safety and security evaluations and recommendations for continuous improvement, CEO protection planning, international travel planning and employer support services to include:

  • Pre-employment Screening;
  • Comprehensive Background Checks;
  • Truth Verification (Lie Detection);
  • Personality Assessment: MMPI;
  • Leadership Assessment / Training: MBTI;
  • Experiential Development / Team Building: ROPES;
  • Conflict Resolution / Training: TKI;
  • Employee Mediation Services;
  • Employee Dismissal Support; and
  • Mobile and Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing Services to include:
    • Pre-employment Testing;
    • Random Testing; and
    • Post Accident Testing and Litigation Support