Active Shooter Survival Training – Course # ASST1801
Training Time: 2.0 Hrs.

We spend a vast amount of time training law enforcement and other emergency response providers how to adequately and appropriately respond to an active shooting incident. However in reality, most response times are typically 15-20 minutes. Training and preparedness are critical components to surviving violent crime. The Peace of Mind Group has over 25 years experience in training churches, schools, organizations, and companies how to survive an active shooter or other violent attack.

The Peace of Mind Group teaches the Run-Hide-Fight or Avoid-Deny-Defend method. Many businesses and most educational institutions prefer the less common terms Avoid, Deny, Defend. They believe that Avoid is a more inclusive term than Run, Deny is a stronger word than Hideand Defend is a more appropriate word than Fight. Ultimately, whichever terms you prefer to use, the Peace of Mind Group encourages you to have a plan, and to be prepared to survive a violent attack. Read More…

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Basic Defensive Firearms Training – Course # BDFT1802
Training Time:  4.0 Hrs.  This is a Live-Fire Course.

This course introduces the student to proven and effective defensive handgun techniques. Emphasis is placed on shooting skills development, for application in real-life circumstances. The fundamentals of “Mindset”, “Gun-handling”, and “Marksmanship” are covered in the classroom, while practical application and experiential development are accomplished on the gun range.

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Tactical Emergency Response Training – Course # TERT1803
Training Time:  6.0 Hrs.  Mandatory Prerequisite:  Successful Completion of PGBT1802

This course will instruct students in the anatomy of tactical emergency response.  Allowing for active and successful participation, students will learn how to perform life saving skills, such as applying pressure and tourniquets for serious knife or gunshot wounds, as well as qualified techniques for planning, prevention, and intervention for an active shooter or other violent/critical incident.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding basic human anatomy as it applies to stopping active threats;
  • Understanding basic human anatomy as it applies to life saving techniques;
  • Understanding the basics of “Awareness” and “Intuition” and how to use those natural skill-sets to minimize, dissuade, and potentially eliminate risks;
  • Understanding the processes for creating safer environments, and for keeping yourself and others in those environments at all times;
  • Demonstrating the necessary skills to stop an active threat;
  • Demonstrating to necessary skills to move potential victims off of the “X” spot and to a more safe and secure area; and
  • Demonstrating basic emergency response and trauma management.

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